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Oracle des pierres

Selenite Staff

Selenite Staff

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Selenite is used to purify and recharge other stones. To do this, you can place them directly on or near the selenite. It is recommended to leave the stones in contact with it for several hours, or even overnight. Selenite is one of the rare crystals that cleanses and recharges itself from space and surrounding stones, it does not need to be cleansed like other stones.

Selenite stick is sold individually



Dimensions: 25x14 mm


Alliage argent en acier inoxydable



  • Améliorer la confiance en soi
  • Favoriser la gestion des émotions
  • Favoriser la communication 
  • Amener l'énergie positive
  • Favoriser la prise de décision
  • Stimuler la créativité 
  • Renforcer les os
  • Favoriser la croissance
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